Buying tips for for Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, Google, Realme, Lenovo, ASUS ROG series, Black Shark, RedMagic

Buying Tips

Kamkwat offers different versions and specifications for brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, ASUS, RedMagic and Google Pixel phones. Different versions or specifications do not just have different packing, there are differences in network bands, languages, Google Play Store and OTA upgrade capabilities.
International Spec
Mobile phones with international spec are quite easy to understand with these differences:
Network bands - different specs come with different 3G / LTE / 5G network bands, check the network bands to make sure they are suitable for your country before you buy them.
Chargers - depending on the specs, charger type could be EU, US, UK, AU.
Languages - not all specs come with same language set. e.g. some Huawei versions support Arabic but not Farsi, some versions support Arabic & Farsi but not Hebrew.
CE Marking - all EU countries and Israel importing regulations require mobile phone boxes to have CE marking while most of other countries do not have strict requirements for compliance marking.
China Spec
China spec Xiaomi, OnePlus, ASUS, Samsung, Lenovo and Moto are often considerably cheaper than international versions. However, China spec is also quite different from international versions.
App Store - Google Play Store and Google applications like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps are prohibited in China. Instead, you have other app stores like Tencent Store and Huawei Store in which the prohibited apps are also missing.
Languages - Also, depending on the brand, phones could come with Chinese and English languages only.
Network bands - China spec are often come with less LTE bands, so check to make sure the LTE bands are good for your country.
Chargers - China spec comes with 2 pin flat charger, which is slightly different from US 2 pin, however you can still use them in US, Canada, Taiwan, etc.
CE Marking - there is no CE marking in the packing of China spec phones so it's not suitable for Europe.
Flashing China spec
To make the cheaper China spec phones suitable for international market, flashing is needed in order to add the Google App Store, apps and the global languages. There are different types of flashing, depending on different brands.
Types of system software ROM
In most cases, international version ROM compatible with the China spec phone is available. Users can update the system version over OTA so this is always the preferred version of the ROM. Most of Xiaomi, OnePlus and Samsung phones belong to this category.
However, in some cases, compatible ROM for some China spec models is not available, technicians usually make a ROM version with Google Play Store and apps with global languages. However, such version of ROM is not OTA upgradeable by users. Some Xiaomi and Samsung phones have China spec only and these models belong to this category.

Flashing without unlocking boot loader

Some brands, such as OnePlus, do not have strict control over flashing the phones. In this case, flashed phones are OTA upgradeable and important feature such as Android Pay stays with the phone.


Flashing with unlocking boot loader

Many brands, including Xiaomi, Samsung & Huawei, require unlocking the boot loader before flashing the phones with a compatible OTA upgradeable ROM. In this case, some features such as Android Pay will not work after flashing. But most importantly, these phones are OTA upgradeable after flashing.

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