About Kamkwat​

Kamkwat Limited was found in March 2011 initially for telecom system and software distribution business.  Shortly after, inspired by a Korean ex-colleague and good friend, we started drop shipping BlackBerry phones from Hong Kong to Korea.  In the process of searching for good suppliers for our Korean partner, we found very good supplier sources from different countries, which also allowed us to wholesale the BlackBerry phones to China.
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Kamkwat - Our Brand

Kamkwat is a Chinese type of citrus fruit.  Sweet, with easy-to-peel skin, kamkwat is a healthy and favorite fruit for many Chinese people.

Our Chinese name 康吉 means healthy and luck bringing, which is also the value we want to bring to our people, customers, suppliers and business partners.
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Our Success Story

Founded in 2011, we started exporting BlackBerry phones in 2012 with a special opportunity and remained very focused in BlackBerry until 2015.

In 2015, impressed and inspired by the success of Xiaomi and OnePlus from China, we started to export Chinese brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Meizu and Taiwanese brand ASUS.
In the following years, our business and scale grew significantly and quickly thanks to the continued success and growing market share of Chinese brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, Lenovo, etc.
Today, we have a strong winning team, customers in 30+ countries and turnover of USD 60m+, and suppliers in China and Hong Kong.
We are proud to work closely with major distributors and wholesalers of most major brands, well-known logistics partners and leading marketing platforms in the industry.

New customers can easily find references and verify our track records with key industry marketing platforms and major logistics companies such as Elements Cargo, Union Logistics, Captain's Freight, Universal Freight.

Serve 300+ Customers in 30+ Countries

Proudly Work with Major Distributors

Collaborate with Logistics Partners

Partner with Leading Industry Platforms

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