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Flashing China spec of Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung and more

Flashing China spec

To make the cheaper China spec phones suitable for international market, flashing is needed in order to add the Google App Store, apps and the global languages. There are different types of flashing, depending on different brands.

Types of system software ROM

​In most cases, international version ROM compatible with the China spec phone is available. Users can update the system version over OTA so this is always the preferred version of the ROM. Most of Xiaomi, OnePlus and Samsung phones belong to this category.

However, in some cases, compatible ROM for some China spec models is not available, technicians usually make a ROM version with Google Play Store and apps with global languages. However, such version of ROM is not OTA upgradeable by users. Some Xiaomi and Samsung phones have China spec only and these models belong to this category.

Flashing without unlocking boot loader

Some brands, such as OnePlus, do not have strict control over flashing the phones. In this case, flashed phones are OTA upgradeable and important feature such as Android Pay stays with the phone.

Flashing with unlocking boot loader

Many brands, including Xiaomi, Samsung & Huawei, require unlocking the boot loader before flashing the phones with a compatible OTA upgradeable ROM. In this case, some features such as Android Pay will not work after flashing. But most importantly, these phones are OTA upgradeable after flashing.

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