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Realme & Infinix - Challengers for Xiaomi?

Realme and Infinix is picking up momentum and challenging Xiaomi - the market leader for mid-range phones.

Both Realme and Infinix have full range of products, from entry level phones to high spec mid-range phones. Realme also comes with gadget products like watches and the buds, some at very aggressive pricing. Realme's shared major investor as Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus, and shared factory facilities make it a strong challenger with aggressive pricing yet very promising quality.

Infinix's sister brand / company, Tecno, already has impressive success in Africa. Infinix is gaining market share quickly in Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

We have already seen booming demand for Realme and Infinix and these two brands will for sure catch up quite quickly in their market share.

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