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  • Michael Law

ASUS ROG 3, Black Shark 3 Pro, RedMagic 5S, which one is the best gaming phone and why?

People often ask which gaming phone is the best in market.

While Black Shark 3 Pro and RedMagic 5G/5S come with SD865, ASUS ROG 3 comes with SD865+ which is clearly a little better.

All these 3 gaming phones come with 5G. However, ASUS ROG 3 has the most comprehensive 4G and 5G network bands.

Black Shark 3 Pro and RedMagic 5G beat ASUS ROG 3 in charging time, both of them charges to 100% in about 40 mins. However, Black Shark 3 Pro and RedMagic 5G come with 5000mAh and 4500mAh respectively, which is considerably smaller than ASUS ROG 3's monster size of 6000mAh.

So which one is your preferred gaming phone?

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